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Shani Belle

A perinatal professional specializing in extra-care-needed ("high risk") pregnancy, maternal advocacy for racialized and marginalized peoples, radical childbirth and a return to ancestral practices in childbirth education.

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Hey there!


I'm Shani and I am the Doula and Childbirth Professional behind Jewel Child Doula Collective/MotherLand BirthRights; childbirth support for BIPoC communities and nonprofit services for marginalized families, respectively, Primrose & Moonstone Perinatal Services for all other communities and Wild Birth Childbirth Consultation and Training.


At the time of writing this introduction, I am 38 and the mother of 4 amazing children; 1 by soul connection and 3 by birth; ages 24, 10, 7 and 6 months new. 


I'm a completely open book, I believe the school of life has given me textbook after textbook's worth of tangible experience, a lifetime of knowledge crammed into a few decades. 

So behind this smiling face there's... a lot... 

Outside of trials and tribulations I love to cook, bake, sing and dance. I owned an eclectic resto/cafe called Mad Hatter Tea Co. for several years as tea sommelier and chef, offering a tantalizing menu featuring all things tea based— jasmine tea salad dressing, smoked black tea based soups, high tea flipped on its head, you name it, we tried it. But when life changed, so did my priorities. 


Over those eight years of Mad Hatter I maintained my status as a doula but was less active in hands on work and more active in supportive care through plant medicine, a curandera of sorts, following in the footsteps of my grandmother. When life changed so did my focus and I dove deep into discovering the blueprints of my ancestors buried deep within me and cultivated a beautifully holistic and Indigenously grounded perinatal practice, focused solely on breaking free of the chains of fear based birthing experiences and constricted parenting beliefs. 

I approach maternal care with a “love first” mindset. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your age, nationality, beliefs or background is:  We are kin, I will love and support you first! I believe that even the most minor acts, when done in love, make the most significant impact on the world.


I am truly grateful for every family that invites me to witness them grow, and should you invite me to be a part of your story, it would be an honour and a privilege to serve you.

I currently serve the GTHA and beyond (through the help of the technology gods)

Let's Work Together


Journey with me!

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