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This is        Fiction!


I often find when I share stories about my experiences throughout my 39 trips around the sun, I'm met with this look of pure bewilderment and very commonly, "this can't be true!?" "I know, it's wild!" I say, and I PROMISE you...
This is NOT Fiction! 


Shani's alebrije (spirit animal) is the cheetah, a symbol of power, grace and divine guidance, but feels strong bonds to all wild spotted felines. The jaguar and Jaguar Medicine of Mesoamerican and Caribbean Indígenas strategic, hardworking and aware. The leopard— courageous, determined and mindful. And just like these strong and fierce felines who mythically live 9 lives, so has Shani. 


From a brush with death at age 13, car accident surviver, to marriage to her teenage sweetheart for thirteen years, to restauranteur for nine years, turned single mother of two, a total life shift, changing careers, finding love again, a life altering chronic disease, new marriage, a baby with another on the way— this chica has lived her 9 lives and is just getting started!


She lives in Caledonia with her husband P, their growing family and 2 dogs. Together they support budding families through Wild Birth and Daddy Doula/Partner Partera workshops, and Shani facilitates doula support with an extraordinary team of birthworkers through Jewel Child Doula Collective. 

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